do i have to book?

Generally, no.

However, you can use our appointment booking system to reserve a cycle.

For group hires of more than 4 cycles or travelling from further afield it is best to email or call us.

What size cycle is best for my group?

We have 2 sizes; the small and the large.

The Small cycle has 1 bench seat and can seat a maximum of 5 persons. For example, 2 adults pedalling, 1 child in the middle and 2 toddlers in the front basket seat. 

The Large cycle has 2 bench seats and therefore can seat an additional 3 persons to seat a maximum of 8 persons.

3 adults are perfectly capable of cycling 1 large cycle, if everyone wanted to peddal.

My beach house needs a crocbike. how much?

The cycles are made and imported from Italy and if looked after can last a lifetime.

The engineering and designs are constantly being tweeked so we often sell second hand cycles in order to upgrade.

The cost is largely dependant on the condition of the cycle and can range from NZ$700-NZ$4895(Brand new large). 

It is best to call us